Access systems that put you in control

Monitoring and controlling the movement and flow of people through your premises can benefit your business in many ways. At Tranter, our staff can provide a full consultation and help you choose from our complete range of access control equipment to ensure entry into your business or premises is secure and monitored.

What is an access control system

Whether your business has dangerous machinery, areas with sensitive information, or areas that require restricted access, access control systems can help. From one-door systems to securing at multi-site level, our range of systems ensures the authorised flow and movement of personnel and visitors while excluding trespassers and unwanted visitors. Access control systems are also a useful information tool with many computer-based entry systems, allowing entry recording, ensuring the protection of property and individuals.

How does it work

We know that you can’t always have someone guarding sensitive areas in your business. Access control systems restrict access to sensitive areas through locking door or gate systems which can only be accessed with the correct swipe card or fob. Whether you're looking for video door entry, swipe cards, fobs, or an intercom system, our experience and up-to-date access technology ensure our ability to provide cost-effective security solutions for you.

A customised system that benefits you and your property

Creating an access control system that ensures both security and the smooth flow of people is an intricate and complex task. Our experienced team in Leicestershire can design and install a system tailored perfectly to the requirements of your business and your property.
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