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We value your business, which is why our dedicated team at Tranter not only provides and installs the latest in fire protection systems, we also offer fire risk assessments to make your business and premises a safer place to work.
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Prevention is our priority

Preventative measures are the first and most important step in keeping your property and your business safe. Our Fire Risk Assessments provide you with expert advice on fire prevention in your workplace, helping you maximize safety and minimize risk. 

What is a Fire risk assessment?

The introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 replaces most fire safety legislation with one simple order.  It puts the onus on employers, building owners and occupiers to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire in virtually all premises, and to make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire.  The Fire Risk Assessment recognises possible risks, identifies how to reduce or remove these risks and determines what fire precautions are needed to deal with any risks left.

What the service includes

Our fire risk assessment service keeps you up to date with the latest fire safety practices and offers you better protection for your property and assets. Our professional staff in Leicestershire assess your fire prevention needs to ensure the safety of your business, your staff, and your property. When you work with us, we will carry out a full assessment of your premises and upon completion provide you with a Fire Risk Assessment Report complying with PAS79 format, complete with an action plan of the significant findings.
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