While Leicester is generally a safe place to live and work, it has a higher than average crime rate, which means businesses in the area need to be extra vigilant. While crimes such as burglaries and vandalism are still realtively rare, some extra prevention steps can lower your chances of becoming a victim and help give you peace of mind. Products such as security access systems in Leicester are becoming a more common sight, helping you ensure only authorised people enter your workplace, and there also steps you can carry out to help prevent intruders from gaining access. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.       Hire a receptionist

Having someone front of house can help deter thieves or general intruders, as it shows that someone is watching. While it’s not always possible to have someone sitting by the front door all day, using an access control system in Leicester is an excellent alternative, ensuring employees can easily get in or out, but that visitors need to identify themselves. It’s surprising how many burglaries are opportunistic, carried out by people who simply wander into a workplace to steal expensive equipment, so this can help prevent it.

2.       Carry out a security assessment

If you lost your key or pass, and nobody else was in your workplace, how would you get in? This is likely the route that a burglar would also take. Some things to check include:

·        Security of windows – especially on the ground floor

·        Whether doors are easy to force open

·        Any easy access points such as garage doors and whether they’re secure

·        Whether there are valuables on display – could thieves simply smash and grab items?

It’s important to work out any potential access points and to ensure they’re well-secured, with only trusted employees having the keys. You might want to look at security access system installation in Leicester for extra peace of mind, especially if you have a 24-hour business where people are coming and going all the time.

3.       Don’t tempt burglars

Many burglaries are opportunistic rather than planned, meaning that potential thieves will see something to steal and simply go for it. By removing the temptation, you’re less likely to have people try to break in. Keep electrical items and tools away from the windows, locking up things like laptops and mobile phones at night, as items that are small, light and expensive are most commonly stolen. Also, make sure you call out a security control system engineer in Leicester as soon as your system breaks down. A broken system or missing lock can be an invitation to intruders, so it’s important that any gaps in your security are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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