Recent statistics out of the Metropolitan Police display a scary 21% increase in burglaries over the past year. Police chiefs say that budget cuts have forced them to pay less attention to low-level crimes. Following that, experts warn that criminals now target areas where the police force is stretched.

With that information in mind, it makes a lot of sense for you to secure your own property to ensure that you are not the next victim and that you and your family is always safe in your living space. Let us take a look at a few ways you can secure your house.

Know when a burglar strikes

The common stereotype is that a burglar commonly strikes at night while everyone is asleep. However, according to statistics, approximately 70% of break-ins happen between 10 AM to 3 PM as this is when everyone is at work or at school. There are a few ways you can combat this such as:

Locking your doors

While it is one of the most obvious things to do when it comes to keeping your house safe, an incredible amount of people commonly forget this. Burglars usually get in through an unlocked window – 23% of the time – or backdoor – 34% of the time. Consider getting deadbolt locks on the doors – which should be completely made of wood or metal – that open outside. Before you head out, make it a part of your routine to check all the exterior doors including garage doors.

Don’t forget the windows. With the UK experiencing a hot summer, it can be tempting to open the windows for the breeze during a warm night but remember that you are putting the family at risk. Make use of curtains, especially in rooms that contain valuable items. No point in tempting a burglar!

Install CCTV Systems

This is one of the most popular home security measures and for good reason. Burglars look for easy pickings so if they see security cameras out in your garden, they will move on. You can also view the live footage from anywhere using your smartphone so you are never too far away from home. There are a wide number of CCTVs to choose from and a company like Tranter Fire & Security Systems can help you find one that suits your requirements.

Consider getting home security systems

While a bit costly, home security systems do provide the ultimate security. When activated, these systems can even detect if a window is opened or broken, which causes a blaring alarm that is sure to catch your attention and anyone in the vicinity.

Secure your house and family today!

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