Fire is one of those things that nobody plans for, but if it does happen, whether it’s from an electrical fault or negligence, you’ll be glad you have a plan in place. Around the Midlands, there’s a wide variety of businesses, from office blocks to manufacturing plants, all of which have their own health and safety requirements, which is why it’s important to install fire and security systems in Leicester, as well as having a fire safety plan. Here are some tips to preventing fires and protecting your employees, customers and premises if one breaks out.

Ensuring people know what to do

A fire can naturally lead to panic, which is why it’s important that staff are well-trained and know what to do, as well as being able to lead others to safety. When it comes to fire safety and security in Leicester, you should have people who are dedicated fire wardens and can show people to exits, as well as having well-signposted fire escapes. Everyone is responsible for fire safety and prevention, so make sure regular training takes place, as this will ensure people can concentrate on their roles rather than panicking.

Carrying out a risk assessment

The best way to prevent a fire is to get someone qualified and experienced to carry out a risk assessment, which will highlight potential ways a fire could break out, so you can put preventative measures in place. A risk assessment will:

·        Highlight any hazards

·        Show any issues that might put people at risk

·        Make recommendations on how to reduce that risk

·        Help you prepare an emergency plan

It’s important that the person who is carrying out the assessment is qualified and experienced, and your best bet is to look for security and fire alarm companies in Leicester who will know the latest fire regulations and can advise accordingly.

Fitting suitable alarms

When a fire breaks out, peoples’ lives depend on being aware of the fire as quickly as possible so that they can evacuate. While you may already have a basic smoke alarm, a risk assessment may show that you need to look for fire alarm and security systems in Leicester which are designed for commercial buildings. If your business is based in bigger premises, such as the warehouses and factories of Cobden Street Industrial Estate, then it’s important to fit an alarm that’s suitable for the space.

Carrying out regular drills

Regular fire drills are an excellent way to test your system and ensure it’s working, as well as checking that employees know what to do if a fire breaks out. If you’ve just had a fire alarm and security system installation in Leicester, you might want to carry out a full drill fairly soon, as this will check everyone can hear the alarm, and that they know where to evacuate to. Test regularly, and this will help people stay calm, should an actual emergency occur.

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