There’s one thing true of all burglars and that is that they follow the same patterns. Why? These patterns are tried and tested, and often successful. If you arm yourself with the correct information and get inside these criminal minds, then you can protect yourself, your home and your business and reduce the risk of burglary on your property!

So, how do you learn the methods? Well, Tranter Fire & Security Systems, experts at security systems and CCTV systems, know a few things about protecting a premises so we have done the hard work for you. We’ve provided some tips below on how you can make your home or business a less attractive option for burglars.

So, here’s how you can get inside the criminal mind to protect your home.

1. Who are they?

There are three types of burglars:

  • The professional, who does their research, has proper tools and knows who they are targeting
  • The semi-professional – they believe they know what they are doing, but they’ll cut corners and don’t have the tools or know-how
  • The thief who answers when opportunity knocks – they are just out for a quick game, or need something fast

Professionals will likely leave you alone unless they can reap big rewards so most home and business owners have to be more wary of the semi-pro and the opportunist. They don’t like having to make as much effort and they won’t plan far in advance, so they will be easier to outsmart.

Invest in high quality security systems such as alarms that link to the police to deter these kinds of burglars. It won’t scare them all away but it will make a large percentage shy away from trying.

3. Is your home or business attractive to criminals?

If the areas around your business or home are well lit and well looked after then would-be intruders are less likely to bother with them. Also, your location matters, although you may not realise this. Homes or businesses that can be seen from other premises are less attractive to burglars as they might be spotted and the authorities alerted.

Cut the grass, make sure your alarm has its light on and that you have sensor lights around the property. Pay attention to any marks that may be left on electrical boxes or doors as a sign for others to come back later.

3. Be wary of tricks criminals use

Be wary of any suspicious behaviour you see around your property. Groups hanging around, the same people walking past your premises a few times. Don’t get caught off guard when you open your door to a stranger – there could be others trying the back or garage door as you are distracted.

Ask for ID from salespeople or other people who go door to door. Watch for any suspicious goings on in your neighbourhood and keep people around you informed.

4. Think of everything

Consider the ways that intruders can access your premises. Keep doors locked and repair windows that are broken.

If you have a garden, build a fence or wall to keep people out. Lock gates in the evening time. If you have a shed make sure that it can’t be accessed easily and always keep it locked when not in use. Store expensive tools out of sight.

When you’re out, close your curtains and put any valuables out of sight, preferably in a safe. If you have a business, it really makes sense to have CCTV surveillance systems installed.

Security access system installation

If you want to ensure that your home or business are well protected, talk to Tranter Fire and Security Systems on 0116 366 1749 or email sales@tranterfireandsecurity.co.uk today. We also look after fire risk assessment to keep your home as safe as can be.