Fire safety is at the forefront of a lot of workplace based health and safety legislation. The places in which we work tend to be much larger in scale and house more people than our homes which is why the principles of domestic fire detection are rarely sufficient or as in depth as they are for commercial environments.

As one of the leading security and fire alarm companies in Leicester, we can assist you in making sure that you’re legally compliant and that your commercial property as well as its occupants are as safe as possible.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Leicester

Commercial properties are required to have a way of notifying every occupant in the building that a fire has potentially broken out. The most straightforward way of achieving this is by ensuring that there is an automatic method of both fire detection and alarm present.

Automatic fire alarm systems work by:

·        Providing a central control panel where the entire building, split by zone can be monitored.

·        Providing fire detection heads which are strategically placed in locations such as circulation areas as well as each room in the building.

·        Providing a way to manually sound the alarm in the event of a fire.

·        Providing a way to both audibly and visually notify every occupant to the presence of a fire.

Automatic fire detection systems are therefore the best line of defence and should be installed to every commercial property which provides a place of occupancy for a significant number of people.

Bespoke Fire Alarm Systems in Leicester

All commercial properties will feature slightly different requirements depending on the nature of their business. Any property that houses vulnerable people in a residential capacity will have to meet an increasingly stringent level of legislation compared to a small high street retail unit.

For this reason, it is important that a fire risk assessment in Leicester has been carried out which will tell the people responsible exactly which systems they should have in place. In these instances, appointing qualified fire risk engineers in Leicester will provide you with the guidance you need.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation in Leicester

If you don’t already have a suitable fire alarm system in place, you will need to make arrangements to have one installed. If your property features a security access system, this will need to be integrated to ensure that both systems work together seamlessly.

As a company specialising in fire and security systems in Leicester, we can provide you with a range of fire detection systems that have been designed with the operation of your business in mind. We can also provide you with the routine testing and servicing that is required by law to satisfy your legal obligations as a duty holder or the person in charge.

Tranter Fire and Security Systems: Specialising in Fire Safety and Security in Leicester

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