It doesn’t matter which industry sector it is, all business owners need to be aware of the fire risks within the workplace. In the event of a fire emergency, a few seconds can save lives. Therefore, it is crucial organisations are aware of fire risks within their environment and take appropriate steps to prevent fires. It’s also worth installing good fire and security systems that will alert personnel if a fire occurs. Fire and security systems will keep staff and property safe by sensing smoke, excessive heat or fire and sound off an alert. Tranter Fire & Security provide various alarm installation services across Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire and the Midlands. They have put together all you need to know about fire and security systems in the workplace.

Where to place alarm systems

Where you will need to place a fire alarm system will vary depending on the type of alarm you need and the layout of the premises. Typical smoke alarms will need to be installed in a central area. Multi-storey buildings should have fire and security systems fitted on each floor. Security experts Tranter suggest placing alarms away from lights, air conditioning vents and ceiling fans to prevent the flow of cool air interfering with proper detection of fire, smoke or heat. Whether you are a small business or are responsible for a large-scale business, we can tailor a fire alarm system to suit your individual needs. We will determine the type of system needed depending on the age of the building and the layout of the structure.

Monitoring and testing fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems must be tested on a weekly basis by setting off a sounder. It will also need to be tested by a competent person. Depending on the size of fire and security systems, they will need a full service carried out between one year and four years. Testing entails releasing artificial smoke to activate the detector, which will set the alarm off. Tranter fire alarm engineers can advise on how frequent the full service needs to be depending on your system. Each detector should be tested individually every year to make sure they are functioning properly.

Emergency plan

All businesses regardless of their size, should implement a fire emergency plan appointing key staff who are fully trained to carry out the plan in the case of emergencies. It’s also important to review the fire and security systems plan regularly to make sure it’s up to date and everyone is clear on following the procedures. An emergency plan should not be ignored because in the event of a fire, seconds wasted can result in injury, damage to property and even loss of death. It’s vital correct action is taken as soon as a fire alarm goes off. Experts at Tranter are happy to provide advice on the types of fire and security systems you need.

Fire and security systems installation

If you need help and guidance on the types of fire detection and alarm systems in Leicestershire and surrounding areas, enquire within at Tranter Fire and Security Systems on 0116 366 1749 or email today.