The security requirements surrounding commercial property are far more involved than they are for domestic residences with several additional factors that need to be taken into account.

If you own or manage a commercial property in Leicester, the onus is on you to provide a safe workplace for your employees and a security system that protects the property from unauthorised access, both in and outside of working hours.

Access Control Systems in Leicester  

The most efficient way of controlling access to any commercial property is by utilising electronic access control systems which can be installed by a security control system engineer in Leicester, and are used to operate all internal and external doors.

There are several different types of system available but they are all based upon the same security principles. Some of the features available include;

·        The ability to install key card operated control panels on every door.

·        The ability to restrict access based upon the time of day or day of the week.

·        The ability to restrict access to certain areas of the building dependent on employee clearance and authorisation levels.

One of the largest benefits of such systems is the flexibility they provide, allowing access to be given or revoked instantly via a central control system. It is for this reason that they are much more preferable to physical keys which can easily be copied or misplaced.

CCTV Surveillance Systems in Leicester

An important aspect of workplace security is the ability to monitor the environment at all times, both during working hours as well as when the building has limited levels of occupancy.

A CCTV installation in Leicester is the most beneficial way to collect evidence in the event of an incident taking place on the premises, whether involving an unwanted intruder or members of staff. This evidence can then be passed onto the police as required as well as form the basis for internal investigations. As CCTV installation engineers in Leicester, we can provide you with a bespoke solution that is perfect for your commercial property.

Intruder Alarm Systems in Leicester

The final aspect of good workplace security is an intruder alarm which acts as final line of defence in the event that unauthorised access has been gained to your property. The most comprehensive of these intruder security systems will notify the police or a third-party security firm in the event of a break in, which will result in the dispatch of the appropriate personnel to your location.

Tranter Fire and Security Systems: Professional Intruder Alarm and CCTV Engineers in Leicester

As qualified security access system engineers in Leicester, we possess a wealth of experience in the installation of intruder security systems in Leicester and the surrounding areas, which are designed to provide the highest levels of security for all commercial properties.

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