Every business should have some type of security solution to help protect against theft, vandalism, and disasters. However, with a wide range of security options to choose from, finding the right systems for your business can be a challenge.

Here are some of the top security systems available. Explore the advantages of each option to determine whether it offers the protection that you need.

CCTV Systems

CCTV surveillance systems are common sights throughout the UK. Most businesses use CCTV systems to monitor employees and guests, creating a permanent record that can be used in case of theft or any other police matter.

CCTV systems do not need to be obtrusive eyesores. The latest systems use smaller cameras that are discreetly positioned in key areas around your property.

When installing these systems, you can work with a security system installation technician to choose the best placement for your cameras. You also have the option of colour or monochrome camera systems, direct recording, and remote viewing.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms provide an additional line of defence against intruders. While a CCTV system may capture footage of an intruder, the camera may not stop them from trying to get inside your property.

An intruder alarm can provide 24/7 protection. After normal business hours, your property may be a target. The alarm system will ensure that you are notified immediately. You can even add indoor or outdoor sirens and other options based on your security needs.

Access Controls

Security access systems give businesses more control over who has access to their property. These systems allow you to control entry into your building and record the identification of any person that needs to gain access. These systems may use key fobs, remote keypads, or control panels to allow employees to easily pass while keeping unwanted visitors away.

These solutions are available for businesses of any size. Whether you need to control access to a single door or across your entire premises, you can install an access control system that meets your specific needs. These options allow you to grant or deny access to individuals without hindering the flow of employees in and out of your business.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms may not protect against theft, but they do protect against fire. Every building needs to have fire alarms that meet the current standards. However, fire alarm engineers can complete a thorough fire risk assessment to determine the best placement for the alarms.

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